Programme 2018

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Pre-Conference Programme

10.30 PhD Colloquium Session I

  • Welcome: Tomasz Truderung & Reto Koenig
  • Why paper-based voting is the most secure option? – Tamara Finogina Download slides
  • The impact of I-voting on conventional voting channels – Iuliia Krivonosova Download slides

12.00 Lunch for PhD Colloquium and

Programme Committee Members only

13.00 PhD Colloquium Session II

  • How to solve the transparency-anonymity dilemma? – Thomas Weiler Download slides
  • Formal Verification of Selene using the Tamarin prover – Marie-Laure Zollinger Download slides
  • Blockchain Technology for End-To-End Verifiable Elections on Internet Voting Systems. The Estonia Case-study – Rodrigo Silva Download slides

14.30 Coffee Break

14.45 PhD Colloquium Session III

  • The Risk Limit of Bayesian Audits – Kellie Ottoboni Download slides
  • The analysis of the electoral turnout of non-electronic and electronic voting in Ecuador – Tania Ernestina Erazo Villacres Download slides
  • Discussion

14.00 Programme Committee Meeting

by invitation only

16.00 DEMO Session

18.00 Welcome Reception


Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Main Conference Programme

08.00 Registration opens

09.00 Opening & Keynote

  • Chair: Robert Krimmer Download slides
  • Behavioral aspects of internet voting. Evidence from 8 elections over 10 years in Estonia – Kristjan Vassil Download slides

10.30 Coffee Break

11.00 Session 1: Managerial and Legal Issues

  • Chair: Uwe Serdult
  • Winning the election, but losing the litigation: A prognosis ofNigerian judicial attitude to evidence produced from ‘e-voting machines’ – Felix Oludare Omosele Download slides
  • How much does an e-vote cost? Compared Costs per Vote in Multichannel Elections in Estonia – Robert Krimmer, David Duenas-Cid, Iuliia Krivonosova, Priit Vinkel and Arne Koitmae Download slides
  • Legal issues of online participation in municipalities and universities in the Federal Republic of Germany – Frank Batge Download slides

12.30 Lunch

14.00 Session 2: Improving Models

  • Chair: Steven Martin
  • Process Models for Universally Verifiable Elections – Rolf Haenni, Eric Dubuis, Reto Koenig and Philipp Locher Download slides
  • Usability is not Enough: Lessons Learned from ‚Human Factors in Security‘ Research for Verifiability – Oksana Kulyk and Melanie Volkamer Download slides
  • Defining a national framework for Online Voting and meeting its requirements: the Swiss experience – Jordi Puiggali and Adria Rodriguez-Perez Download slides
  • Email Voting in Indiana Elections – Jason Thompson Download slides

16.00 Coffee Break

16.30 Session 3: Protocols

  • Chair: Veronique Cortier
  • Model Checking the SELENE E-Voting Protocol in Multi-Agent Logics – Wojtek Jamroga, Michał Knapik and Damian Kurpiewski Download slides
  • An Internet Voting Protocol with Distributed Verification Receipt Generation – Kristjan Krips, Ivo Kubjas and Jan Willemson Download slides
  • Electryo, a Paper-Based Electronic Voting Scheme with Individual Verifiability and Universal (Eligibility) Verifiability – Peter Roenne, P. Y. A. Ryan and Marie-Laure Zollinger Download slides

18.00 Closing of the Day

19.00 Reception in Bregenz


Thursday, 4 October 2018

Main Conference Programme

09.00 Keynote

  • Chair: Melanie Volkamer
  • Verifiable E-Voting in Switzerland – Oliver Spycher Download slides

10.00 Session 4: Lessons Learned

  • Chair: Gregor Wenda
  • Faults in Norwegian Internet Voting – Christian Bull, Kristian Gjosteen and Henrik Nore Download slides
  • Paper and digital: in search of ‘the best of both worlds’ in establishing the outcome of elections – Peter Castenmiller and Pamela Young Download slides

10.45 Coffee Break

11.15 Session 5: Evaluating Practical Experiences

  • Chair: David Duenas-Cid
  • The E-voting Readiness Index and the Netherlands – Leontine Loeber Download slides
  • Online Voting in Indigenous Nations: Lessons From Canada – Nicole Goodman, Chelsea Gabel and Brian Budd Download slides
  • Internet Voting and Trust in the Swiss Context – Uwe Serdult and Victor Kryssanov Download slides

12.30 Lunch

14.00 Session 6: Counting functions | Blockchain

  • Chair: Olivier Pereira
  • Rounding Considered Harmful – Carsten Schurmann (Presented by Peter Roenne) Download slides
  • Modular Formalisation and Verification of STV Algorithms – Milad K. Ghale, Dirk Pattinson, Mukesh Tiwari and Rajeev Gore Download slides
  • Implementing an audio side channel for paper voting – Kristjan Krips, Jan Willemson and Sebastian Varv Download slides
  • On Trade-offs of Applying Block Chains for Electronic Voting Bulletin Boards – Sven Heiberg, Ivo Kubjas, Janno Siim and Jan Willemson Download slides

16.00 Coffee Break

16.30 Plenary Discussion: Blockchain

for e-voting: for which purpose?

  • Moderator: Veronique Cortier
  • Panelists: Aleksander Essex, Thomas Haines, Olivier Pereira, Costa Vayenas

18.00 Best Paper Award Ceremony

19.00 Conference Dinner („Cheese Road“)


Friday, 5 October 2018

Main Conference Programme

9.00 Session 7: Risk-Limiting Audits

  • Chair: Rajeev Gore
  • The Threat of SSL/TLS Stripping in Online Voting – Anthony Cardillo and Aleksander Essex Download slides
  • Ballot-polling Risk Limiting Audits for IRV Elections – Michelle Blom, Peter Stuckey and Vanessa Teague Download slides
  • A New Method for Stratified Risk-Limiting Audits – Kellie Ottoboni, Philip Stark, Mark Lindeman and Neal McBurnett Download slides

10.30 Coffee Break

11.00 Session 8: Attacks

  • Chair: Vanessa Teague
  • Electronic Technologies in Armenian Elections – Armen Smbatyan Download slides
  • Computing the Margin of Victory in Preferential Parliamentary elections – Michelle Blom, Peter Stuckey and Vanessa Teague Download slides

12.00 Rump Session

  • Chairs: Uwe Serdult & Steven Martin

13.00 Closing of the Conference + Lunch